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Civia Cycles!

Come see our excellent selection of Civia bicycles and choose your dream ride!Civia provides fun, versatile and ingenious transportation for everyone. They make simple, reliable and elegant bicycles and products that take you to work, to school, to the grocery store—in short, everywhere you need to go! Whether you’re commuting for hours every day or just spinning along for a few blocks, their bikes,components and accessories keep you and your stuff on the move with ease and grace.

Civia sees bicycling as the vital link in the future of alternative transportation. They sincerely believe life’s better by bike and strive to make your daily transportation Utility, fun and fitness are yours on a beautiful Civia bicycle!choices a lot more pleasant and sustainable. That’s why it's their mission to create products that inspire you to leave the car keys at home—and ride your bike.

That mission is something the Civia team takes to heart. Living and riding year-round in Minnesota, they encounter some pretty brutal Crafted by bike lovers who commute every day, Civia Cycles makes the ultimate in fun, versatile and green transportation!weather. Despite that, Civia employees pedal thousands of miles a year. And, when something disappoints them, they don’t get mad—they get designing. Many of their best ideas are born from breakdowns and good old-fashioned snow, mud and rain. Their real-world laboratory inspires them to invent solutions that enhance your riding and make cycling your preferred mode of transportation.

From purpose-specific frame geometry to custom-designed handlebars, forks, racks, fenders and panniers, their obsession with fit, function and detail extends across the whole Civia line. Check out our excellent selection of Civia Cycles and make the choice to start enjoying the journey and live green everywhere you go! We'll see you out there!