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Masi and Haro Bikes

We have a fine selection of Masi bicycles!From the beginning, Masi has been focused on the way a bike rides. Chosen and loved by cycling greats like Fausto Coppi,On your Masi you're ready to enjoy all your rides even more! Louison Bobet, Felice Gimondi, Rick Van Looy, Jacques Anquetil and even Eddy Merckx, when you're riding a Masi nothing is left to chance.

These heroes of cycling appreciated Masi's focus and determination to provide a perfect fit, exceptional construction and a level of performance that put its riders on the podium time and again. These are the same reasons that modern cyclists look to Masi today.
Masi bicycles are still painstakingly crafted with the rider and ride both first and foremost in mind–not the latest manufacturing craze or with the sole purpose of being the lightest bike on the market. Pro cyclists love the smooth ride of Masi's great bikes.What good is light weight or exotic materials or advanced manufacturing if the bike does not ignite your passion to ride?

To this day, each Masi is designed to disappear beneath you, to be an extension of your riding style. Beyond that, each Masi is designed to speak to that part of your soul that says simply “I want to go for a ride today.”

For nearly 70 years, Masi has pursued a singular devotion to creating superior bicycles. That focus on you has helped Masi build bikes that enliven every element of your cycling lifestyle. It’s all about you and the ride, whatever that ride might be.

Swing by and check out our sweet selection of Masis in person!

We're your Haro bicycle headquarters!

Bob Haro was born in 1958 in Pasadena, California. After an early successful career in motocross racing, Bob tried his hand at BMX and he quickly discovered the fun of riding on skateboard ramps and learning new tricks. Then in 1977 Haro entered the industry by making number plates for racers. Soon, his company had a variety of cool BMX accessories and became known as Haro Designs.

Haro hit a milestone in 1982 when they produced the first-ever freestyle BMX frame and fork, the Haro Freestyler. And, today, Bob Haro is known as the inventor of BMX trick riding or freestyling.

A passion for riding and forward thinking are still fundamental to this company. As just one important example, Haro is one of the only brands tBMX racing is in Haro's blood!hat offers different sizing options on all of their models.

Shorter top-tube bikes are desirable for riders that like technical terrain and tricks. Longer top tubes are appreciated by tall riders and those who like to go full speed and jump big stuff. Haro makes something for everyone no matter what their style of riding or what level of bike they're able to purchase. They want everyone on a bike that fits and performs right.

And with one of the strongest, most demanding crews of riders associated with the Haro name, it’s Legend, Ryan Nyquist has been a part of the Haro family for over 15 years!no wonder they scrutinize every angle, count every gram, and test every piece of chromoly—they have the world’s best riders holding them accountable.

This is clearly evident in their Cliq component line. To complement their gossamer race frames, they've also designed strong cranks with extra-long lengths, super-light handlebars with just the right up- and back-sweep and fully heat-treated forks with machined one-piece dropouts and tapered legs.

Haro also makes a stellar selection of mountain bikes, children’s bikes and even fixed-gear models. From singletrack to the bike path you’ll love their standard and 29-inch hardtails. And your kids will be following right along too. Stop in soon and we’ll get you flying on a Haro bicycle that's perfect for you!