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Dang It's Hot

Come get a COOL bike! 



Social Distancing since 2005



We proudly carry Brompton bicycles! These amazingly versatile folding bikes ride like a dream and fold so small, so fast, you can easily pedal to the station and carry your folded bike onto a train or bus. Then, upon arrival, unfold your Brompton, ride to your office or school, fold the bike and take it right into your office or classroom! Stop by our store and check out these life-changing bikes for yourself!

Vintage Bikes!

We have a few vintage road bikes on consignment. 

80's Cinelli Supercorsa in Red 58cm

1999 Rivendell Road Custom in 58

Colnago Dream 60cm 

80s Cannondale Black Lightning in 56cm

Keith Anderson custom 58 fillet brazed in Moab